Welcome to Club 400

The Club 400 tavern has existed for decades. The building is a historical landmark. Legendary guitar pioneer & Waukesha native, Les Paul, played at The Club 400 way back in the 1930`s. The club itself is named after a train. Soo Line Locomotive #400 used to come through town at about 4:00PM each day.

Dan Pokwinski has owned the Club 400 since 1979 and took ownership of the Williams Street Pub (later to become Mulligans Pub) in 1997.

The building was renovated in the late 80`s & 90`s. The area, which currently hosts the games, used to be the location for the men`s restroom and storage. The upper level used to be sectioned off into three separate areas to create a more intimate environment. The upper level was opened up and the new restrooms were created during the time of reconstruction.

The upstairs used to contain a series of small rental rooms. The rooms were cleared out and the upstairs bar and kitchen were built in the early 90`s. The upstairs or "Clubhouse" as we`ve come to call it opened in October 1991.

The Club 400 with its history and cozy atmosphere is your ideal neighborhood bar where a regular group of patrons gather frequently to unwind after work or catch up with friends.

The Clubhouse is only open 2 days a week and is available for private parties. Its appeal lies in its look featuring an impressive collection of sports memorabilia and the food served from the kitchen. The operation of the Clubhouse is tailored around its appeal.

We put a strong emphasis on making sure this facility is ready to meet the needs of our patrons.